Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blanke Permat

Blanke PERMAT is an innovative uncoupling tile underlayment that offers all the labor saving benefits of the old plastic tile underlayment roll systems. It also adds support and strengthens wood substrates. It also provides greater compression and tensile strength than plastic tile underlayment roll products. Blanke PERMAT is stable to walk on during installation and does not require additional curing time when installing porcelain with latex modified thinset.

Permat has a 10-year warranty against damage caused by excessive vertical sub-floor movement (deflection), the only such warranty in the industry. Whether installing stone on wood or cement subfloors, homeowners who include Permat in their stone and tile installations can be rest assured that their subfloors will indeed support the installation.

Blanke Permat is available both by the sheet and by the carton.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Durock Tile Underlayment and Crack Isolation Membrane

Durock is a tile membrane that is installed underneath a tile assembly in light commercial and residential applications. It's mold and mildew resistant, which makes this membrane ideal for installations under tile in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and entry ways. Installation of Durock Tile Underlayment is easy. 
Simply cut the membrane with a knife or a pair of scissors. Durock also acts as a crack isolation membrane if it is installed using the Durock Tile Membrane Adhesive. If crack isolation isn't needed then Durock can be installed using a Type 1 Organic Adhesive or a latex modified thinset mortar.

Tile Flooring Underlayment Kit Includes:

  • 75 Square foot roll of Membrane
  • 2 (1 qt) containers of Adhesive
  • Instruction Sheet

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Perfect Shower Curb Installation!

The Kirb Perfect is a stay-in-place plastic form for building perfect shower curbs. It's designed to be used with a pan liner. It can be used with or without a 2 x 4 wood curb. Each piece of the Kirb-Perfect Shower Curb is easily cut with a hacksaw, PVC cutters or angle grinder. With molded in dovetail connecting lugs, this curb can be used for multiple length installations. Kirb-Perfect is 4-9/16" wide x 30" long and 5-1/2" high.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to Tile Underlayment Blog

This blog will update you with the innovative ways that you can make a tile installation job run smoothly. Product knowledge is key!! I will talk about the products that are available to you as an installer, and as a consumer, to help you make decisions that will make your tile installation job more efficient.