Friday, March 26, 2010 Styrofoam Shower Curb

Styrofoam shower curbs and shower pans have been gaining popularity due to the fact that these curbs and trays can be customized with ease. Easily cut them down to size in seconds to create a tile shower system for your very own shower design!

The Styrofoam Shower Curb that we offer measures 48" x 6" x 4-1/2" in dimension. There is a dovetail groove on the bottom of each curb that is filled with a modified thinset mortar which helps the curb mechanically adhere to the substrate that the curb is installed on. Once this Shower Curb is in place, its not going anywhere, nor will it compress over time. The Styrofoam Shower Curb is extremely durable and built to last. As mentioned above, this shower curb can be cut down to size for smaller showers, or to create beautiful neo angle shower and curb assemblies. 2 Shower Curbs can be installed side by side for your larger shower installs where curbs need to cover a span of anything larger than 48" in length.

This Styrofoam Shower Curb will match up perfectly to our ProVa 48" x 48" Shower Kits.