Friday, June 25, 2010

Tile Underlayments on the move!! offers a variety of Tile Underlayment Membranes that are priced right.  We offer the newest and best tile flooring underlayments for the installation of ceramic or natural stone tiles onto your floors.  The most popular being the tile underlayment lines from Blanke called Securmat and Permat.

Half the battle when installing flooring is product knowledge and installation information.  What is the best Tile Underlayment for you?  How do I install it and what material do I use?  A great resource that I've found is a website called  There you'll find product information and some great resources for keeping up with new technology, and new tile underlayments to hit the market.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Metal Profiles for Walls and Countertops

The aluminum Blanke Quarter Circle Trims are an excellent protective and decorative edge for wall and counter top tile applications. The Blanke Quarter Circle provides superior structural strength and easy tile alignment due to the inclusion of a vertical support piece under the curved profile.

Color: Aluminum Satin Silver Anodized

Blanke Quarter Circle Trim comes in 8' lengths and is sold per strip.

For more information on the Profiles for Wall and Countertops, CLICK HERE.

Friday, June 11, 2010


THE RACATAC WITH 3” CASTERS can be used for many industries. The Racatacs’ design eliminates the normal pressure you have on toes, ankles and knees. The seat provides the support, leaving your feet to control your movement. This model is popular with tile setters and others that work in kneeling/leaning over positions.

For more information on the RACATAC Knee Pads, CLICK HERE.