Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Pitch Mortar Bed Kit

If you are building a mortar bed and you are worried about creating the perfect pitch then most likely you're going about it in the wrong way. I want to introduce to you a new revolutionary product to help you create the perfect pitch in a custom build mortar bed. The product is called the Quick Pitch Mortar Bed Kit. The Quick Pitch Kit allows you to install a guide system that will give a 1/4" per foot pre-pitched slope. Install this kits in minutes, throw your mudset over the kit, and use a trowel to smooth out the mudset and you now have a perfectly pitched mortar bed.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tile Redi Shower Installation Pan

Introducing our new Tile Redi® Shower Pan Category. We now offer a large selection of Tile Redi® Shower Pans for you to browse through. In fact, there are actually 80 different shower pans to choose from.

The Tile Redi® shower pan is made from rugged polyurethane that is leak proof and mold resistant. The shower pan is fully waterproofed, pre-sloped, with one fully integrated shower drain, and is available both with and without a shower curb. It's all in one piece. No separate parts that you need to put together or anything like that. You can literally drop the shower pan into your shower, and as the name suggests, you're tile ready. The shower can be done in under an hour, and anyone can do it!

The curbless shower pans and ADA shower pans are manufactured with an integrated drain and splash walls, together with a barrier free and/or ADA compliant entrance. The curbless variety are ideal for walk in and handicap accessible showers.

We offer the Tile Redi® shower pans in a wide variety of sizes and drain placements. Browse through our selection on and get your leak proof shower pan today!


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Friday, January 8, 2010

Waterproofing Membrane for Ceramic Tile Shower Assembly is getting a face lift with some new products for your tiled showers! Within the next few weeks you'll see a huge change when we take on 3 new lines for shower kits to help you with your bathroom remodeling jobs!
However, our best selling product Blanke Aqua Shield can be installed using thinset to most substrates that are dry, flat, and structurally sound to waterproof your shower assembly. Tile can be installed directly on the membrane without the cure time required for liquid applied products. Blanke AQUA SHIELD provides a vapor barrier that makes it ideal for steam rooms. The high tensile strength of the Blanke AQUA SHIELD ensures long lasting protection from moisture penetration in continuous wet areas such as shower stalls and bathrooms. Create that water tight tile shower assembly with the easy to install Aqua Shield and never worry about a water leak in your shower again.

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Waterproofing Membrane for Ceramic Tile Shower Assembly