Friday, April 23, 2010

Build Your Own Mortar Bed

Building your own mortar bed sounds old school compared to the preformed presloped shower pans that are available, however it's still one of the most effective ways to build your own custom size shower pan. Often times companies will try to accommodate Home Owners and Contractors as best they can with a variety of shower pan sizes, however its just not possible to offer EVERY size and shape. That is why Styrofoam Shower Bases became so popular so quickly. Styrofoam Shower Pans are as easy as it can get. Simple install and easy to work with while saving time. But what do you do when you need a 7' and above size shower? Or if you wanted a large neo-angle shower pan? What about the odd shaped shower pans?

Let me introduce the new-school twist to building a mortar bed with the old-school mud bed method. With our mud bed method we like to incorporate a drain that doesn't rely on weep-holes for drainage to the mortar bed, because of one VERY IMPORTANT distinction, which is water will never reach that mortar bed!! IF you use a drain with a waterproofing flange and incorporate a waterproofing membrane, you're essentially creating a watertight seal in your shower where 100% of the water flows straight down into the drain.

A mud bed sounds difficult to build, however don't let old techniques fool you. We have a Quick Pitch Mortar Bed Kit that allows you to build a perfect pitch every time. Prepitched sticks are placed onto your PVC Liner, mudset is poured onto the sticks, a trowel is used to pack down and level the mudset and you're done!! Perfect pitch in your mud bed in minutes!!

The ProVa Drain is then installed and connected to the already existing drain pipe. Waterproofing membrane is then installed using a modified thinset over your mud bed onto your drain flange. Now if you're keeping up, this has created a waterproofing seal over your whole drain assembly and shower mortar bed, leaving your mudbed dry and not allowing any water penetration through your waterproofing membrane. Waterproof your walls right over the cement board and you can rest assured that you will NOT HAVE ANY LEAKS for the life your your shower!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blanke Securmat Tile Underlayment

Blanke Securmat is a tear-proof uncoupling tile underlayment membrane that provides a secure bonding surface for ceramic tile and natural stone installations. Blanke Securmat can be used on both interior floors and walls. Securmat also provides superior crack isolation protection. If the substrate may be subject to lateral movement of any kind, the crack isolation properties will help protect and prevent damage to the tile covering. This product is extremely light weight, thin, and easy to install. Because it features such a thin, low elevation, it requires much less thinset mortar than most other rolled uncoupling products. Blanke Securmat is perfect for new installations as well as for remodels and renovations over existing floor coverings.

The installation was classified as "Extra Heavy" for "extra heavy and high-impact use in food plants, dairies, breweries, and kitchens".

  • Material: Reinforced fiberglass mesh embedded between two layers of polyester fabric

  • Thickness: 0.9 mm (nominal 1/25")

  • Size: 3.28" wide

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