Monday, November 25, 2013

USG Durock Tiled Shower System - 48" x 48"

48" x 48" Square USG Shower System with a center drain location. All of the components you need in order to build a fully bonded, waterproof shower system that is made to accept tile covering. Create and install a long-lasting walk-in tiled shower stall that is backed by the reputation of the USG Durock name. The preformed, prepitched shower base can easily be installed as the pieces become perfectly interlocked. Installs using a modified or unmodified thinset. The drain assembly and shower tray disk will connect to a PVC or ABS connection, as both connections are included within the shower system. The tray disk will help you vertically and horizontally align the drain grate assembly, which is also custom fitted to the 48" shower pan. Included in this kit is the waterproofing membrane roll, waterproofing band, and corners.


  • 48" x 48" center drain shower pan
  • Drain Kit Assembly w/ PVC & ABS drain connections
  • 150 sqft of the Durock Waterproofing Membrane 50 ft of the Durock Waterproofing Band - Used on surface plane changes such as 90 degree bends
  • 4 Preformed Waterproofing Inside Corners & 2 Preformed Outside Corners
  • Pipe Seal and Mixing Valve Seal
  • Square Drain Grate - (in the style, size & finish you choose)
  • 48" Shower Curb

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