Friday, March 14, 2014

32" x 60" - Off Center - USG Durock Tiled Shower System - Chrome Drain

The 32" x 60" Off-center Drain USG Shower System with the Chrome Drain Grate was specifically built for the home owners that are looking to tear out their bathtub and replace it with a beautiful walk-in tiled shower. The shower pan is perfectly pitched down to the drain so you won't have to worry about building a pitch, or worry about pooling water on top of the tile.  The shower pans can be cut and modified if your shower stall roughed in measurements aren't 32" x 60". The shower drain is installed and then you're ready to waterproof your walls. The best thing about the shower kit is the easy-to-use waterproofing system.  You will have enough waterproofing to cover your shower pan, curb, and all of your walls!

For more information on the 32" x 60" USG Off Center Drain Shower Kit, CLICK HERE.

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